Omar Claims Trump And Republicans Are Trying To Silence Muslims And Sister Tlaib!

Rep. Ilhan Omar is claiming President Trump, Republican politicians and right-wing pundits’ attacks on her and fellow Muslim congresswoman Rashida Tlaib are trying to “silence” Muslims.

Why is she playing a victim? The words she chose to say have consequences: this has nothing to do with being a “Muslim voice.” She is entitled to her belief, but she needs to realize that a lot of people don’t share her beliefs. I have faith that she will learn this when her seat is up for re-election in Minnesota.

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These women were elected to represent their constituents, not their self-interests. They act like they are the voice of the Muslim people, and not the American People. There’s a reason the there is a law governing the separation of church and state. Perhaps they ought to learn the constitution… All you people who voted for these extremists ought to be ashamed of yourself. Next time, research who you’re voting for.

I tell my sister Rashida Tlaib that her and I have the strength to endure any of the mischaracterization or efforts to distort and vilify and mischaracterize our message,” Omar said Tuesday in an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes.

She added that such attacks were “designed to silence, sideline and almost eliminate [the] voice of Muslims from the public discourse.”

Omar and Tlaib, who made history in November as the nation’s first Muslim women elected to Congress, have come under repeated attacks from the president, right-leaning pundits and lawmakers since they took office earlier this year.

Omar in particular, who is black, first faced significant controversy for questioning the U.S. relationship with Israel, which some painted as anti-Semitic. [Huffington Post]

Ms. Omar, which of the 50 or so Muslim countries of the world champion diversity? Name even one. The two Muslim representatives in the US Congress have deliberately been placed there to advance Islamic sharia law in the US and a well-organized, viciously anti-Israel propaganda campaign, which has NOTHING to do with diversity at all.

The problem here isn’t about silencing “Muslim Voices,” it’s about silencing Muslim-driven agenda for the United States of America. Not the United States of Islam. When you make downright anti-semitic comments, criticize the values of which the United States is based, and show implicit bias in your reasoning, perspectives, and viewpoints, then yes, you will be silenced. There is no place in the United States government for anti-semitism and anti-Americanism.

Despite the criticizing Western culture and society, please show us and prove by building your countries/paradise from the Sub-Saharan region to attract people around the world to visit and emigrate there.

I believe that even some of the left was critical of her “some people did something” comment. She plays a victim with no responsibility for her words. She goes after the President of the United States, for anything she disagrees with, but takes no responsibility for her own words.

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Nobody is trying to silence Muslims. We don’t want Sharia Law in America, and Israel wants to remain a Jewish State. Simple. If she and other Muslims respected those things, she would find people might respect her back.

The only people being silenced are conservatives being silenced by the left, but that’s how it always is. If you want to know what the left is doing, listen to what they’re accusing their opposition of.




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