Ohio GOP Group Apologizes To AOC Over Fundraising Email

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez might not be a terrorist, but she sure is anti-American. Not too far from the truth as people make it seem.

But even then, you have to know your limits on how you return fire from illogical and non-thinking Democrats who play off emotion. Years ago, the American people would flock to individuals like AOC and her victim crying because they felt bad. It’s not like that now, even though Democrats try to use that card.

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Sometimes we step over our own feet in trying to defeat the other side; we forget login and common sense. Even if you want to fight by using the progressive blueprint, you still have to be smart about it because now she’s using this as a battle cry and she has way far more followers than most of us combined.

Whether you agree with her or not is not a reason to demonize her. There needs to be civility in our country. Everyone needs to understand that diversity of opinion is what makes our country work.

The president of a college Republican group in Ohio has apologized for a fundraising email that referred to Democratic congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as a “domestic terrorist.”

Tom Ferrall is chairman of the Ohio College Republican Federation and a senior at the University of Dayton. He says the email was sent Wednesday without his approval by a third-party fundraising firm he wouldn’t name.

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Ferrall says his organization has severed ties with the firm. He says the email wasn’t something he or the organization would ever endorse.

Ocasio-Cortez said in a tweet after the email was publicized that such a message “puts me in danger every time.” [Associated Press]

We have to be smarter people. Stop allowing emotion responses to cloud our judgment. It sounds nice and funny in our heads but what does it do for those in America?

While not forgetting about her, is AOC going to issue an apology to the people she has called names? Are all the Democrats and Liberal groups going to start issuing apologies for calling Trump names?

Let’s all be fair now, maybe Jim Carey will paint an apology painting?




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