Officials: We’re Still Investigating Epstein’s Sexual Abuse Allegations, His Death Won’t Stop Us

One thing being passed over after the death of Jeffrey Epstein is the news of more than 2,000 pages of documents released to the public, that relate to a settled lawsuit against Epstein’s ex-girlfriend by Virginia Giuffre, also one of Epstein’s accusers.

Reports of the records include graphic allegations against the late billionaire, as well as a 2016 deposition transcript of Epstein repeatedly refusing to answer questions in an attempt not to incriminate himself.

For those experienced in law enforcement and security, this scenario, especially for a high profile prisoner, who made headlines three weeks ago in what is suspected to be a suicide attempt; this suicide doesn’t make any sense, though it does benefit certain parties who prefer to be above the law. Something is wrong here.

Many Americans will agree with me when I say, the Epstein investigation probe into alleged sexual abuse, and human trafficking needs to continue while a second investigation into his death would be required as well. He was to be under suicide watch and then he was taken off, which he was then later found dead. What happened?

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The FBI and the Justice Department’s inspector general’s office will investigate how Jeffrey Epstein died in an apparent suicide Saturday, while the probe into sexual abuse allegations against the well-connected financier remains ongoing, officials said.

Epstein, accused of orchestrating a sex-trafficking ring and sexually abusing dozens of underage girls, had been taken off suicide watch before he killed himself in a New York jail, a person familiar with the matter said.

The federal investigation into the allegations remains steadfast, U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman said. He noted in a statement Saturday that the indictment against Epstein includes a conspiracy charge, suggesting others could face charges in the case.

It would seem that a lot of wealthy people wanted to prevent him from naming names. I would start with the list of people that visited his island to try his wares. Another question. Why aren’t the employees that worked on the island for years not up on charges? They had to know what was going on and by staying, gave approval.

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One thing the entire country was united on was the firmly held belief that Epstein was never going to make it to his trial date. He just knew too many things about too many people. Another tightly held belief that is held by the entire country – this was not a suicide.

The problem for the Deep State, in this case, is that everybody is appalled that Epstein was either killed or permitted to commit suicide while locked in a Federal prison cell, and these attempts to belittle the obvious via anti-Trump comments looks like a desperate attempt at damage control by those in charge of the scheme. This is going to result in a massive backfire for the Democrats, who are now going to be seen as little more than a tool of the Deep State and its a self-serving mission.

The probe will continue but will the secrecy involving participators, enablers, and how Epstein got his money to be kept silent? I have read that he participated in a Ponzi scheme back in the 80s that his partner spent 18 years in jail for.

Mayne the third Deputy sub-assistant janitor decided to remove Epstein from Suicide Watch. We should find him but reports claime he is currently on a hiking tour of Afghanistan and can’t be reached for comment. I would not be surprised if the power players on both sides of the aisle made sure Epstein never saw the inside of a courtroom. A moment of true Bipartisanship.

But seriously, I hope we see more transparency and justice for the victims.

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