Illinois Officials Find 2,246 Medically Preserved Fetal Remains On Doctor’s Property After His Death

Some pretty disturbing news comes from the state of Illinois and it’s tragic.

The late Dr. Ulrich Klopfer who had been in trouble through the years for his abortion practice passed away on September 3rd but that doesn’t end his troubled life. His family discovered over 2,000 medically preserved fetal remains on his property.

Dr. Joseph Mengele has nothing on this guy.

Klopfer has now suffered the same fate as the over 2,000 he killed — DEATH. Although he won’t be going to the same place the innocents will, if most of the girls were under 14 it shows a terrible lack of any morals being taught to young girls. Where are the responsible mothers or has all of society lost morals?

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On Thursday (September 12), an attorney representing Dr. Ulrich Klopfer notified the Will County Coroner’s Office in Illinois that the doctor’s family had discovered what appeared to be fetal remains following his death on September 3.

The family requested the proper removal of the remains and in a statement the Will County Sheriff’s Office said detectives, Crime Scene Investigators and representatives from the Will County Coroner’s Office were directed to an area of the property ‘where 2,246 medically preserved fetal remains were located’.

The Will County Coroner’s Office took possession of the remains.

According to WNDU News, Klopfer had abortion clinics in South Bend, Fort Wayne and Gary, Indiana, though his property was located in Illinois.

The local sheriff’s department said there was ‘no evidence that any medical procedures were conducted at the property’.

The state suspended Klopfer’s license in 2016, when the doctor was 71, for a minimum of six months after he was accused of failing to complete and submit records to the state Department of Health when abortions were performed on two 13-year-old girls.

No one at his clinic asked where all the bodies went after they had killed. What a bunch of depraved, disgusting people worked at this clinic with this low life so-called doctor.

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Abortion Clinics regulated period. Did they find all of his unfilled outpatient referral pads for a woman to get PAP Smears and Mammograms like the other butchers at Planned Parenthood to deflect from their main business of killing babies and selling the parts afterward!

Call them fetus’ if it makes you feel better but they are human lives of the most vulnerable type that were murdered. Maybe if people saw what it actually is they would consider the fact that the baby has “rights” too! They just took down a video of abortions that the baby survived and they hired people to come hold the baby’s hand until it died.

This video was from a couple of years ago:

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