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Officers Defend Actions As Guns Drawn On Toddler Walking Toward Them With Hands Raised

A resident recorded a toddler leaving her parents vehicle and walking toward the police with her hands up.

The law officers guns were drawn at that point.

This is a prime example that actions and views are learned. This toddler did what her parents did and raised her hands. I’m caught between feeling sad for the little girl… and saying, “Smart girl!”

People who get their young children involved with this type, and far worse types, of lawbreaking, should be so ashamed of themselves. When my twin girls came into this world, I realized you have to set an example above your feelings and desires because you are responsible for teaching them right and wrong and leading them on the right path that won’t cause harm or danger to their existence.

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I have a will of iron, so I can do it because I love my children more than life and I will not disappoint them. These parents probably do not give a damn that this happened and hopefully, this young baby will find someone who cares about her and willing to give her proper guidance on how to become a standout patriot who will love life and shun evil deeds.

I understand and support the police in this situation, although I do feel they could have lowered the guns was the baby was walking toward them. What are your thoughts?

Do You Support These Officer's Actions With The Toddler

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