Officer Tazes 73-yr Old Man For Expired Inspection Sticker

Ever had an expired inspection sticker before? Ever been bodily abused by a cop over it?

Pete Vasquez was the unfortunate recipient of an overreacting cop in regards to his inspection sticker. Vasquez remained as calm and cooperative with police as he could but one in particular saw it fit to take him out.

While it does appear that Vasquez resists the officer’s physical attempt to subdue him, his attempt to brush off the officer resulted in a much harsher penalty.

It’s unclear why the officer reacted so angrily or aggressively but it certainly effected more than just Vasquez. In the video below, several bystanders stop to watch what the officer does to the 73-year-old man lying on the ground. One even steps in to stick up for him.

Afterwards, Vasquez talked with an officer who had arrived to assess the situation. He has as little idea about what happened as the viewer watching this video will. He seems to be doing ok, but he might really be hurting tomorrow over this.

h/t Raw Story



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