Occupy ICE Protesters Mobilize On NY City Office, Block Loading Dock

Elimination of ICE would be the dumbest thing we could do. Our borders are full of illegals who want to invade our country.

Protesters gathered together outside of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in New York to voice their opposition to rounding up illegal aliens and sending them back to the place of their origin.

All of these bleeding heart liberals should be forced into taking their “share” of illegals home with them, taking care of all their needs, housing, comfortable beds, food, transportation & entertainment at least once a month!

I’ve never, ever seen such hatred for one President before, in my life. What about Barack Obama and his same policy that separated families? Where were the protesters? Of course, Soros was not yet on the payroll. Excuse me. What about his Iran deal of 1.4 billion. Why? George W. Bush had the same immigration policy, where were the protesters then? Liberals have gone over the edge of civility.

Source: Fox News Insider

Protesters gathered outside U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in New York City to protest the agency’s tactics and the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy toward illegal border crossings.

Fox News’ Todd Piro spoke to some of the Occupy ICE demonstrators, who were blocking the loading dock of ICE headquarters in New York City.

Several people said they want the U.S. to adopt an open borders policy, with one woman declaring, “No borders, no nations.”

Protesters said they want to prevent ICE from doing its job, and some called for the federal agency to be dismantled altogether.

“I’m here because I think that separating parents from their children and deporting people who are just living their lives is wrong,” one man said.

Have you ever wondered why Dems are now pushing for Socialism or at least allowing it to move amongst its ranks? I believe it was the master plan all along. Making trade deals that sell the American worker down the river, promoting globalism, wanting to take in hundreds of thousands of Refugees, wanting to open our southern borders so we can be flooded with poor immigrants. The American taxpayer can not foot the bill for this agenda. Socialism would then have to be adopted.

Here is our peaceful answer to the radical demonstrations of the left. November 2018 we get a chance to stop the radical left-wing Democrats. We need sixty “conservative” Republican Senators and fill the House of Representatives with “conservative” members. Make sure you vote and get your friends and family out to vote. It’s up to us to stop this radical assault on our nation by Democrats.

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