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Hey America, The Jobs Numbers Are Strong And The Economy Is Booming — Make It Work For You!

People may have opinions on the merits of socialism and capitalism. They may have feelings about foreign relations, abortion, social norms, the legal system, and others. But people vote based on the economy.

And don’t let anyone dissuade you from believing that this economy is a direct result of the policies and initiatives of Donald Trump. If this economy had been humming along under Barack Obama, your president today would be Hillary Clinton. But it wasn’t and, thankfully, she’s not.

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The jobs report looks good. If you look deeper, you find that layoffs and discharges are trending down while quits are trending up. What that usually means is that there is enough work to keep people and the quit rate means that either the employee has another job lined up or the employee is confident enough of finding another job that they feel secure enough to walk away.

President Trump is winning for the American workers and should easily win a second term thanks to the booming TRUMP economy.

The solid job gains that have come to define the current economic expansion resumed in March. The gain in hiring, though widely forecast, will clear some of the doubts hanging over the economy. Though the economy is expected to slow this year from the strong pace of 2018, Friday’s report was a welcome sign that job creation remains robust.

The United States economy is still enjoying one of its longest expansions on record. It has produced nearly 21 million jobs since the labor market bottomed out in 2010, and the unemployment rate has plunged from a peak of 10 percent in October 2009. (NYT)

One interesting statistic is that there are more job openings than there are unemployed. Why the mismatch? Too many workers are unqualified to hold the open jobs. We can lay that mismatch right at the feet of the American Education system from K – university. Progressives took over Education lock, stock, and barrel about 50 years ago.

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Over that time, they have transformed the American Education system into the everybody-gets-a-trophy, meeting-goals-isn’t-important indoctrination camps that leave our children unable to compete in the world.

We have “progressed” from near the top of the industrialized world to number 35, all the while spending 30% more than the average among industrialized nations. Is it perhaps time for conservatives to recognize and publicize the manifest failures of Progressivism and energize the people to take Education away from Progressives and put it back into the hands of real educators instead of ideologues?

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Odd. When Barack Obama was president the “economists” usually over-projected economic numbers. Prosperity was always just around the corner. Now, for some reason, Dems are all doom and gloom.

With Trump, after a couple of months, they are configured up. I don’t believe in coincidences.

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