Obama’s Transgender Bathroom Policy Returns! 5-Year-Old Assaulted In Elementary School

Before I get started on this article, I have two daughters, and if this had happened to them, I would have caught a case.

A 5-year-old barely knows who they are; they haven’t developed physically, mentally, or emotionally. It’s the parent(s) who assigned this young boy as transgender and fed him thoughts on what he was able to do.

As most of us know, you might be able to fix the outside but your mind will always remind you who you are, and this young boy entered the girl’s bathroom and assaulted another young girl at the same age touching her and poking at her without her permission.

The victim didn’t say anything at school because she probably knew no one would listen.

Source: CNS News

A five-year-old girl allegedly was sexually assaulted at school in the girls’ bathroom by a boy who identifies as gender-fluid, sparking an investigation by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) into the Decatur, Georgia school’s transgender bathroom policy.

According to a legal complaint by Roger G. Brooks of the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) and Vernadette R. Broyles of Georgia Adoption & Family Law Practice, the boy, who was also five years old, reportedly assaulted the girl as she was leaving a bathroom stall at Oakhurst Elementary School in November 2017.

“As [Victim] was emerging from a stall, the Assailant pushed her against a wall, pushed his hand between her legs, and repeatedly felt and poked at her genitals … while she struggled and called out for him to stop,” reads the legal complaint, dated May 22, 2018. “No one came to help.”

The boy had permission to enter the girls’ bathroom under a policy that “required” schools to “admit boys who identify as female into girls’ restrooms, locker rooms, and shower areas on school premises,” according to the legal complaint.

“Policy, Policy?” The policy is enacted by local school districts and should have nothing to do with Washington D.C. since they are responsible for “Laws.” Parents must attend the local school district meetings and repeal this insane and dangerous “policy” countrywide. There is strength in numbers, so the more parents turn out in numbers – the better chance to enact change. Insanity cannot become the new norm. We must return to common sense and common decency.

Here’s a little more of the story:

While the girl did not mention her assault to anyone during the rest of the school day, she complained to her mother, Pascha Thomas, that evening about vaginal pain and, “after some questioning,” told Thomas what had happened.

The following day, Thomas spoke with school officials, who “refused” to take any steps to prevent the situation from happening again, according to the legal complaint.

School officials allegedly would not tell Thomas “what steps they were taking or would take to protect her daughter against any repetition of the assault she had suffered,” reads the complaint.  “They refused to offer any assurance that her daughter would not again be confronted by boys in the girls’ restroom.”

This is nothing but the result of the Democrats who support these perverse agendas

School officials also reportedly refused to move the boy out of the girl’s class and into a different classroom, and Thomas was forced to take her daughter out of school because of the risk to her daughter’s safety.

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I really am praying daily to change these perverse laws regarding males going to female bathrooms. How many women are going into men’s rooms? Or little girls into boys rooms rather. How many more little children have to be destroyed because some people believe you can change gender because a perv says it can be done.

This country needs a revival! Our kid’s futures are at stake and we continue to say we care about them so let’s start seeing more active parents taking a huge part in shutting this crap down.

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