Obama’s Six Biggest Lies on Benghazi; Is this enough to Impeach Barack Obama?

If Barack Obama were Pinocchio his nose would be a couple of miles in length by now with all of the lies and false promises he has made, especially involving the Benghazi scandal.

It seems that when it comes to the events surrounding the attack that occurred on September 11, 2012, falsehood seems to roll naturally off the tongue of White House officials.

While there have been a series of whoppers coming from the Obama administration at all levels involving this tragedy, a few of them stand out from the pack. Here are a list of six of the biggest lies from the President on Benghazi, which demonstrate Obama’s corruption and the need for impeachment proceedings.

The White House Did Everything in its Power to Protect Americans in Benghazi

This particular statement is hard to believe when there was no request made for military force to get involved or attempt to rescue personnel during the attack on the consulate. Deputy Ambassador Gregory Hicks stated that a special operations unit was ready to board a plane to fly to Benghazi, but received orders saying they had no authority to go.

Why, with the lives of American citizens in danger, would the government decide to take no action to protect them from those who would do them harm? Furthermore, if the administration “did everything in their power,” why was additional security not provided on the ground despite numerous requests for protection?

Hillary Clinton Did Everything She Could to Protect State Department Personnel

Hillary Clinton claims to have exhausted her options and resources to protect state department personnel, but if this were true, where was she at 2 a.m. the night of the attacks? Clinton never called to get updates about the situation. Barack Obama was also suspiciously absent from the situation room that night.

According to Leon Panetta, who was Secretary of Defense at the time of the Benghazi attack, he only briefed the president one time about the situation:

Then-Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta testified that he met with Obama on the afternoon of September 11, told him about what was happening in Benghazi, and never checked back in. Panetta says that Obama left the details on the handling of Benghazi “up to us.” The White House, Panetta said, never called for an update on the situation. Panetta had no conversations with Clinton.

So what information did Clinton receive and what actions did take to try and protect the personnel in Benghazi?  Zero…she actually cut security by 70% in the days leading up to the attack.

The Attack Was Caused by a YouTube Video

U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice made a number of appearances on Sunday morning talk shows stating that the reason the consulate was attacked was due to angry protests over an anti-Islam video on YouTube. The president, of course, used this falsified scenario to treat Muslims as victims, making apologies for someone else expressing their freedom of speech.

Rice claims that her statements were made based on the best intelligence available at the time, but this is untrue, as information from the CIA points to the attack being the work of terrorists.

Throw in recently released emails which indicate that Rice was told to emphasize the role of the video as the root cause of the attack, and it becomes clear the White House was lying in order to shape the narrative of events that took place to help the president save himself from the negative political consequences he would face in an election year.

President Obama Did Not Admit It Was a Terrorist Attack

Obama’s administration vehemently denied that the president considered the situation in Benghazi a terrorist attack early on, but this proved to be untrue. The president made a statement on CBS News the day after the incident, admitting it was an act of terrorism.

CBS cut that part of the tape out, but released it months later.

Susan Rice’s Talking Points Were Not Manipulated

As stated earlier, recent emails clearly demonstrate that the White House played a role in telling Rice what to say when she made her rounds on the talk show circuit. Add to this the fact that the State Department made a request to change the first draft of her talking points, removing portions that indicated al Qaeda was involved in the attack.

Points about threats the embassy received prior to the attack were taken out for fear that Congress would scold the State Department for ignoring the warnings. Of course, officials denied that the points were tampered with in an effort to save face, but it is pretty clear that is exactly what happened.

The Obama Administration Has Been Transparent About Benghazi

This is probably the most heinous lie of them all, as it is clear from the other five whoppers on this list that the Obama administration has been anything but forthcoming about what really happened that day.

Emails were not released to Congress, despite a subpoena being issued, which contained important information about the events that transpired in Benghazi. This is absolutely a constitutional issue, as checks and balances demand that Congress be able to fulfill its oversight role over the executive branch.

(H/T: Breitbart)

This administration has lied time and again, and accountability is needed. America once impeached a president for fibbing under oath about his personal sex life, yet Obama failed to protect the lives of American citizens and lied about it repeatedly to protect his own political interests. Something is not right with this picture, and this is one wrong that needs to be made right.

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Wayne Dupree

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