Obamacare numbers proven fake; Hold Admin accountable for lying once again!

Obamacare is such a disaster that it’s hard to keep track of the growing laundry list of what’s wrong with it. It was doomed from the start (“We’ll have to read it to find out what’s in it”), and its problems have only gotten worse through implementation.

Despite widespread opposition to the law (from state governments to doctors to businesses to practically everyone with a brain) and the law’s demonstrated failure, Obama has continued to tout its success.

A big part of this campaign (what else does he do but campaign?) has been that “eight million Americans” have enrolled in the Health Care Exchanges.

However, we have just learned this is a fake number.

Following the above tweet, Townhall reports:

The screenshot in that tweet comes from a report prepared by America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) for Congress. It confirms that “many” of the sign-ups being celebrated as “enrollments” are in fact various iterations of the same person’s enrollment efforts. Phil [Kerpen] asks “how do you not even [de-duplicate]?”

The answer is pretty straightforward: The online “reconciliation” system that would perform this Herculean task through automation is still under construction – and may not be ready for months (beyond the eight months that have already elapsed). That’s why the administration’s enrollment statistics are useless in the aggregate. They just manufactured the largest-sounding number possible and heralded it as exciting proof that the “law is working” and the “debate is over.”

Much of the media blindly repeated the number, some going so far as to pant excitedly about an Obamacare “winning streak.” As we noted earlier in the week, the American people have obstinately declined to hop aboard that bandwagon […]

So, while it might be true that eight million Americans have “signed up for” health care on the Exchanges, that doesn’t mean eight million actually purchased, or even could purchase, the plan.

Congress knows about this problem. See Mark Pratt’s (America’s Health Insurance Plans, Senior Vice President, State Affairs) written testimony after discussing this problem before Congress earlier today.

Because of the challenges that surfaced with the launch of the Exchanges in October 2013, some consumers were advised to create a new account and enroll again. As a result, insurers have many duplicate enrollments in their system for which they never received any payment. In cases where an insurer has a new enrollment for a consumer who previously enrolled, they are not expecting that original policy to be effectuated – even though that data is still reported.

This shows that Obamacare is not the resounding success that the President would have us believe. Though he touts eight million enrollees, the actual number is much lower than that. You can only trust statistics as much as you can trust the one reporting them. No wonder we can’t believe the “eight million Americans” number.

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Wayne Dupree

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