Obama: No Foreign Terrorist Org Has Attacked Our Homeland [VIDEO]

Barack Obama has started revising his legacy before he leaves office thinking the media will help him once again develop the “savior mentality” they gave him back in 2007. Each of you remember when he could walk on water, heal the sick and move mountains right? Yeah, I thought so.

None of that happened during Obama’s time in office even though the media gave him cover for his mistakes and scandals almost every week.

There were a lot of attacks on our homeland by terrorist who swore allegiance to ISIS and Al Qaeda during Obama’s time in office and to most Americans, he didn’t address the situation, he told America basically, hold back your anger because we have good Muslims living in the country. Hell, we even had ISIS claim responsibility for a couple, but I guess Obama forgot that as well.

Now he’s peddling that BS to the military before he leaves.

From The American Mirror:

They just need to remember there are only 45 more days until a new commander-in-chief is sworn in.

President Obama received tepid applause from troops in Tampa, Florida during his last nation security speech as president.

Obama made the eyebrow-raising declaration that, “We should take great pride in the progress we’ve made over the last eight years. No foreign terrorist organization has successfully planned and executed an attack on our homeland.”

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As mild applause broke out, the cameras cut to the audience.

Of the roughly 20 service members shown at MacDill Air Force Base, only three were clapping.

Most sat with their hands folded or motionless. One man rubbed his eyes.

Most didn’t applaud likely because they remembered attacks being carried out in San Bernardino, California, and Orlando, Florida by jihadis vowing allegiance to ISIS.

And they likely remembered, too, ISIS claiming credit for the attack on Ohio State University by a Somali “refugee.”

I don’t care how much Obama tries to change history, it’s already been written and many of us aren’t indoctrinated enough to allow him to revise it. We will remind our future generations the country left by Obama was riddled with a rise in race-based situations, unemployment, transgender military and outing of a media that showed they were no longer for the American people.

This is Obama’s real legacy.

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Wayne Dupree

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