(Ret) General Keane: Obama Administration “Purposely” Minimized North Korea Threat! [VIDEO]

General Jack Keane didn’t hold back any punches when describing Barack Obama’s foreign policy and how he covered up his disastrous decisions around the world and with Americans.

Keane was on with Fox News Martha McCallum speaking on the North Korea threat and compared President Trump’s approach against Obama’s and it was night and day!

“[President Barack Obama] had a tendency to minimize the actual threat and exaggerate our performance against threats in the world.”

Obama isn’t the only one that likes to minimize threats. Talk to some of your fellow citizens, most would rather bury their heads in the sand than actually READ about what threats we face! Thank God Trump isn’t a chump!

Obama and Hillary did nothing to these countries to protect America – They did, however, did something for themselves — made lots of cash. If we could have a full investigation you would find a couple of people that will tell all. You’re never safe when you take bribes, lie, cheat, steal, murder, cover-up crimes, delete emails because when you’re corrupt to many people ends up knowing too much and somebody always has a way to get the truth out.

It would be in China’s interests to remove Kim and support reunification of the Korean peninsula under the governance of the South. In so doing, they could remove two of their primary concerns. The first, the possibility of a flood of starving North Korean refugees crossing into China.

The second, the reduction or perhaps even the removal of American forces from Korea. Only the hardest of the most hardcore Chinese communist revolutionary ideologues would find this an unsatisfactory resolution.

The alternative is the possibility that Kim might miscalculate and use a nuclear weapon; an action that would require a devastating American response. The Chinese would not find that acceptable and it would likely result in a serious Sino-American military confrontation.

I think China knows the United States is more important than N. Korea. Economic reasons may be the key to shutting down or getting rid of Jong-Un.

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