Obama Former Spokesperson Just Threw Sen. Menendez Under The Bus

Former White House Communications Director Jennifer Psaki didn’t have glowing words or a life raft for Democrat Sen. Bob Menendez during her CNN interview.

Menendez is on trial for corruption and bribery, and the media has been less than forthcoming with information about how the trial is going as it is a major case that could shake up the U.S. Senate if Menendez is found guilty.

Psaki didn’t seem like she was there to throw the Senator a lifeline. I think she knows the ship has sailed for him and it’s time for Democrats to start thinking about another plan and quickly.

Source: Free Beacon

Psaki appeared on CNN’s “The Lead,” where host Jake Tapper played a 2013 clip in which CNN reporter Dana Bash asked Menendez why he took so long to pay back $60,000 for multiple flights with Melgen. Menendez attributed the oversight to his busy travel schedule as chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, and to his preparation for his reelection campaign.

This does put Democrats in an awkward position, not just because they need his vote — and he has been told that he doesn’t get to skip the trial to attend votes — but also at some point there’s going to be a verdict and every Democrat’s going to have to say whether or not Sen. Menendez, especially if the verdict is a bad one for him, whether or not he needs to resign,” Tapper said.

Psaki noted that both Republicans and Democrats have faced similar allegations. But she also admitted that Menendez’s interview answers “didn’t really pass the smell test.”

“It is true that some of the flights, as he said, were not problematic, but it’s hard to understand,” Psaki said. “Democrats should start thinking about it. We have to think about the greater whole here. Obviously we should see what the outcome is, but it’s going to be an upcoming challenge.

We’ve been following it for a while now, and it hasn’t looked good for the New Jersey lawmaker.

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Menendez has been on borrowed time for years. The bell now tolls for him, and he can’t get away from whats coming.

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