Obama Advisors Say ‘We Used Facebook Properly’

Do you know how I know members of Barack Obama’s campaign team is lying about using Facebook properly? They are rushing to say they didn’t do anything wrong.

Nobody asked them. Nobody pulled them over the coals and tortured them for this answer. They felt like they had to respond as people were claiming they also used Facebook to target voters, but then again, everyone knew that and yes people were not happy, but they didn’t tear down the walls of Facebook offices when they could have.

Obama and his group changed the game using computer analytics and social media to run his presidential campaign back in 2007. He was the pioneer, and many saw his template and thought to use it in later elections.

Source: Circa

Former Obama advisers said they collected the data with their own app, complied with the social media platform’s terms of service and received permission from supporters. An estimated 1 million Obama supporters gave the campaign access to their Facebook data.

In most cases, Obama supporters who signed on to the campaign’s mailing list were asked to authorize the campaign’s Facebook app, allowing it to access certain aspects of their profile, including their posts, likes, photos, demographics and similar data from their Facebook friends. The Obama data was used in voter turnout efforts, with a focus on young voters in key battleground states, and former campaign officials said the data was kept secure and not sold to or acquired from third parties.

Ex-Obama aides said their practices did not mirror those of Cambridge Analytica, which has been accused of acquiring personal data in unauthorized ways. The British political research firm has suspended CEO Alexander Nix pending an investigation.

Again, I claimed they are lying. Let’s be serious; this is coming from Obama and his ilk. Can you trust anything this man says or does? He tried to change our country without permission fundamentally.

I wouldn’t trust them farther than I could throw them. Either way, the Obama intruded on our very lifestyles by using Facebook period, and Mark Zuckerberg complied with them because he wanted to be part of history, electing the first mixed-race president.

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