Obama Admin: A Lesson In Epic Fail

Teresa Zerilli-Edelglass, Author of Thrown Under The Bus: The Rise And Fall Of An American Worker
Teresa Zerilli-Edelglass, Author of Thrown Under The Bus: The Rise And Fall Of An American Worker

While most of us acknowledge that the Obama Administration has been an epic fail, that is, they have been largely unsuccessful in furthering their radical agenda after five whole years, Conservatives must ask themselves ‘why’. Therein lies the key to whether or not they have a shot in 2016.

In David Remnick’s January 27 Edition New Yorker Magazine novella chronicling Barack Obama’s presidency, or should I say, giving him a platform to make yet more nonsense excuses as to why he has fallen flat on his face and arguably proven to be the worst president in history, Obama admits defeat. We’ve seen him do this in the past, even blaming race as he has done here once again. But this time is different. Entering into one’s sixth year in office without having accomplished anything meaningful, or, in his case, anything that would move the county a notch or ten further up his extreme progressive agenda, puts one in the position of needing to pull that emergency rip cord lest the chute land on his corpse.

So why has Barack Hussein Obama been such a failure? The answer really is plain and simple: refusal to compromise. I submit that even the guy who has never so much as run a lemonade stand could have been a smashing success had he learned to play nice with the other kids on the playground. But no. Barry wanted things his way and his way only — and now he is feeling the sting.

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During his 08′ campaign, candidate Obama went on ad nauseam about how he was going to govern from the center. Even before then, there was the “…there is not a white America and a black America…there’s a United States of America” 2004 DNC keynote speech that put him on the map. A pack of lies. Nothing but a pack of lies. But it worked. The collective strategy eventually catapulted him and his radical cronies right to the top.

aptopix-obama-connecticut-school-shooting.jpeg-1280x960Fast forward to 2014. The beginning of year six. Barack Obama is looking war-torn and old. His demeanor tempered by the fallout of arrogance. How a 2-year fresh-out-of-the-box senator could even get the White House is a story unto itself. How he managed to squander the opportunity for real change by virtue of his almost shocking unwillingness to budge from his progressive perch is a lesson Conservatives must take with them along the path to 2016. I’ve said it before (and took some heat) but I’ll say it again: if those on the Right continue to cannibalize each other, if they insist upon retreating to separate corners of the ring rather than working in tandem to defeat the enemy, all will be lost in 2016. You can count on it. Even the useful idiots on the left know this. They might be a bunch of Kool-aid guzzling zombies, but it is that kind of cohesiveness that got them where they wanted to be. Too bad for them that their leader turned out to be such a fool.

The take-away here is mighty: you will never get everything you want, so get what you can while you can get it — even if it means holding your breath and swallowing your pride for a bit — then do the best you can to build on what you have. Whether or not Obama ever owns up to his unwillingness to compromise as being his Achilles’ heel, remains to be seen. Whether he has been a successful president is a question that I believe has already been answered.

Wayne Dupree

Wayne Dupree is owner and founder of WayneDupree.com. He was named to the 2017 Newsmax’s 50 Most Influential African-American Republicans. He served in the USAF between 1987-1995. He saw time in Operation Desert Storm/Shield and is the father of three. He is the host of the Wayne Dupree Show.

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