OOPS! One America News Called Race For Moore — ‘You Refused To Let Outsiders Steal Your Election’

I know this Alabama campaign hurts and it really hurts bad for those who put so much into trying to help Judge Roy Moore defeat the Democrat candidate Doug Jones.

One America News thought Moore had won the race and even published an article calling the race for the Republican candidate. They congratulated the people of Alabama and lauded them with praises. The only problem is that Jones won the night.

In a stunning upset, Democrat Jones beat Moore by a narrow margin which has caused Moore to choose not to concede just yet.

Source: One America News

The president of OANN Robert Herringne would like to congratulate Moore on the fine campaign he and his wife have run.

Speaking with campaign representatives, we’re being told there are strong signs the majority of voters have come out in support of the judge.

Reports show at least 64% of voters are fiercely opposed to many of Doug Jones’ key platform issues.

Campaign officials say the latest results show Moore up by at least eight points over his opponent.

OAN would also like to congratulate the people of Alabama. We provided you with the facts and you stood your ground and refused to let outsiders steal your election.

“Refused to let outsiders steal your election?” Now that’s a statement that will live in infamy. The page was quickly removed later in the evening when it was determined that Alabama candidate Jones had won the race.

I just want to let One America News know that it happens to all of us. I tweeted out a few times that there’s no way Moore loses the election. I was that sure because I was speaking with my heart and not my head. I wasn’t looking at returns, I was channeling emotion.

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One America News continues to deliver hard truths and impactful stories so do not hold this one against them. They are still way better than many of the liberal news networks and that includes Fox News.

What do you think about OAN calling the race for Moord and publishing that article? Will that stop you from watching their network in the future?

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