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NYT Tweets ‘Airplanes Took Aim And Brought Down The World Trade Center’; Then Deletes After Backlash!

On Wednesday, September 9, 2019, the New York Times sullied the memory of nearly 3,000 individuals who lost their lives inside the World Trade Center, during this nation’s largest terrorist attack on this soil, occurring on September 11, 2001.

The New York tweeted “18 years have passed since airplanes took aim at the World Trade Center and brought them down.” They seem to take the same tact as Democrats and how they blame the gun when the shooter actually pulls the trigger. I can even go further, including Rep. Ilhan Omar, who said the attack is because “some people did something.”

When you remove the cause and generalize the problem, you aren’t solving anything but you are inflaming the issue.

Radio host Larry Connor was fast enough to capture a screenshot of the now-deleted tweet:

According to the NYT, the planes that hit the World Trade Center must have been on autopilot. There probably wasn’t a pilot on board. Perhaps this is what we are to believe? Or maybe just for no apparent reason all four planes crashed because all four pilots had problems within that short amount of time. What utter propaganda to send out a tweet like that.

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Even though the NYT changed their article to: “Eighteen years have passed since terrorists commandeered airplanes to take aim at the World Trade Center and bring them down,”  they left out how the terrorists were Muslims.

They addressed their earlier tweet in a roundabout way:

Funny, the opposition media has no problem at all with phrases like “right-wing, right-wing extremists,” and “radical Christians” and the like. But the Religion of Peace is sacrosanct and must be protected at all costs. Probably because of the tremendous contributions they’ve made to American history and today’s US society.

Here’s something to remember: airplanes don’t take aim just like guns don’t pull its own trigger. Can’t you just hear Omar say “someone did something?”

It is not a newspaper and has not been since about 1993 when they began putting opinions on Page One and above the fold.

They are a propaganda rag and deserve no respect.

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