NY Times Wrong Again! Trump Admin Not Moving Away From Clean Energy But They Printed It

On Thursday, the NY Times printed a story claimed the Trump administration was moving away from clean energy within the Department of Energy after people were let go.

In today’s world, the media will grab onto whatever they can to slow down or stop President Trump’s agenda to make America great again even if that means outright lying and printing it.

The truth of the situation is Office of International Climate and Technology employees were let go due to redundancy. There were just too many people working in that department, and as conservatives, we believe in limited government, why not trim the fat off the meat leaving a leaner, able working unit?

The office itself was created to help friends across the globe with kickstarting technology reducing greenhouse gases.

Source: Daily Caller

“The premise of the New York Times article claiming that the Administration is retreating on its efforts to promote clean energy is entirely false,” spokesman Shaylyn Hynes said Friday in a press statement.

He was referring to a report stating the DOE is eliminating an office the agency believes to be a duplicate of a similar office. TheNYT’s suggested scrapping the foreign climate office was another example of the Trump administration retreating on climate-related issues.

The office is part of the so-called Clean Energy Ministerial, a small collective of polluting nations such as China and India. Their sole focus was to develop technology fighting man-made climate change.

Shutting down the Office of International Climate and Technology followed Secretary of Energy Rick Perry’s attendance at the most recent Clean Energy Ministerial in China. The agency did not respond to reporter’s request for comment.

The Trump administration’s move also comes after the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) removed “outdated language” from its website in May, the night before activists planned protests targeting the Trump administration’s climate policies.

This decision isn’t something out of the blue. President Trump campaigned on making changes to include rolling back Barack Obama’s climate regulations which were bloated programs.

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