NY Times Wants Pelosi To Retire But Her Response — I’m Staying Around

Excellent Nancy, we Republicans do appreciate that you will stick around for a long time.

The New York Times has an op-ed about the donkey in the room that is Rep. Nancy Pelosi. They spoke about her age and the how there were too few new younger voices and ideas, which is true. But then again, Republicans feel they are just fine where they are. We are happily taking in all of the people that are walking away from their lunacy.

Source: Washington Examiner

“For too long, this regime has clung to power at the expense of future leaders,” the Times editorial board writes. “Neither of Ms. Pelosi’s two chief deputies, Steny Hoyer, the party whip, and Jim Clyburn, the assistant leader, is a remotely viable successor. Like Ms. Pelosi, both men are just shy of 80 and have occupied top-tier posts for over a decade. At this point, the caucus leadership has gone from stale to downright ossified.”

The devastating primary defeat of Rep. Joe Crowley at the hands of the 28-year-old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stunned House Democrats last week and raised broader questions about who could replace Pelosi. Crowley was widely seen as the heir apparent and many expected he would challenge Pelosi after November. His absence leaves a void in the caucus and many members are now weighing their options in leadership.

Pelosi has made clear she plans to stay on after the midterms. Pressed on the increasing clamor among Democratic candidates for her to step down and make room for younger, liberal, female members, Pelosi pushed back.

Well, I’m female, I’m progressive, so what’s your problem?” Pelosi said.

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