NY Times Runs Article Listing YouTube “Radicals”; But These Voices And Others Are Missing Out On Opportunity!

I just realized that right-wing political personalities do not know how to fight against the left. They have gone into “whiny mode” as these “left-wing” platforms are stopping me from speaking on their mediums.

Here’s what many are missing. The left has given them center stage with negative news and even removing them from some of the major platforms because they feel the message they speak is dangerous. And what does the right-wing do? Complain and whine instead of raising their arguments crisply and concisely, using the optics to show how these left-wing Marxist are trying to destroy patriotic lovers of freedom.

Why haven’t these voices forced conservative “RICH” Republicans to develop platforms

We already knew “Progressives” have no shame or direction of truth. We also knew their ideas are crap, and they know it too. They lead with deceit, lies, and the slandering of good people because that is their ONLY resolve. But we already knew that also.

This is a well funded, coordinated attack driven by the ultra-rich globalist oligarchy that runs big media, big tech, big corporations, big unions, and big foundations. Their agenda is socialism and communism for America as a means of bringing it down and ushering in a one world government. They have been attacking our common sense, logical thinkers, for decades because we are the last line of defense.

It’s time for us to smarten up. Acting like the left-wing was probably our greatest mistake. If our people continued to be targeted, they should gather together and speak to a leader that cares about making a change so that a platform(s) could be made to help push conservative ideas without being suppressed.

Let’s quit debating what they say. It’s all propaganda. What we need is action. The action starts by calling your Senators and calling your congressional representatives -be they Republican or Democrat. Call the White House, write the White House, call the attorney general, write the DOJ. There are offices and phone lines for all of these things, get on the Internet and find them.

Most importantly, remember that progressives complained about AM radio being the bully pulpit for conservative speech when they tried to take it over in the early 90s by infiltrating shows like Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, and Sean Hannity. They created these platforms as a way to counter that, and now it’s our turn.

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