NY Post Editorial Board — Trump Showed The World No President Can Unilaterally Commit US To Far-Reaching Agreements!

Good move President Trump! America shouldn’t have to carry all the burden. Of course, we all care about the environment, but a better deal needs to be struck.

The funny thing is most of the people pretending to care about the environment are usually the same idiots leaving mountains of trash at music festivals and stupid protests.

The NY Post Editorial Board laid out great reasons why Trump was right to leave the Paris Agreements, and they should be shared on every social media platform.

Source: NY Post

In quitting the Paris Accord, President Trump on Thursday did nothing to shift the course of US environmental policy — not even on carbon emissions. But he did put the world on notice that no president can unilaterally commit this nation to such far-reaching agreements.

The Constitution is clear: No treaty is binding on the US government unless ratified by the Senate. That tanked the Kyoto Protocol, a 1997 anti-warming treaty that the Senate rejected 95-0. And it would’ve killed the Paris deal that President Obama signed in 2016 — except that his negotiators shaped an “agreement” that wouldn’t go to the Senate.

But one that still would’ve been used to rewrite US law, if the courts went along. (And a President Hillary Clinton’s judicial picks would have ensured that they did.)

In fact, Trump had already abandoned the Paris goals by junking Obama’s Clean Power Plan. Yet he’s not turning back the clock. He’s just saying no to what Obama sought to impose — a rush to a low-carbon America at huge economic cost.

Under Paris, as Trump noted, the United States would’ve had to close all its coal plants, even as China builds hundreds more — and coal still generates a third of US electricity.

Yet America will continue to cut its carbon emissions: They’re already down by a fifth since 2000, thanks to fracking and the gradual replacement of coal plants with natural-gas ones. That’s better than Europe did as it implemented Kyoto by making electricity cost twice as much as it does here.

If other countries want their defenses and environment programs paid for, they can pay for them themselves instead of sucking it out of the American taxpayer.

We got scammed into it only a year ago. This decision by Trump will save our country money that should only be used here to protect our environment and our interests. If other priorities care about protecting the environment around them, they can pay their share of the money. I was happy to hear those words yesterday, “I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, NOT Paris.

Unfortunately, our liberal friends think that Americans need to pay for programs and protections of other countries before ourselves.

Thank you for making this decision Mr. President. When our country has more money to help our people here at home and protect our environment here, maybe libs will thank you as well. However given their short-sightedness and violent tempers that are not likely. Those of us with common sense and pride in our country thank you!

That is one reason we voted for you. Very tired of other countries always benefiting from our largesse. America should be everyone’s first priority.

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