NY Bomber Dad Should Also Be Charged After Learning This!


You’re probably asking yourself, “Are we going to this again?” Did the FBI once again have some on their sites and their radar, taken off resulting in another major attack on American soil?

It seems as if the authorities were notified about the New York bomber two years ago in the father informed law-enforcement his son was a terrorist. The father later took back the story for an alleged reason that he was angry with his son. I probably would’ve kicked both of them out country wasting all that time.

Homeland security at its finest! We are searching old women and little kids at the airport, but we dropped the investigation into this guy? The whole system needed to be torn down and rebuilt the right way!

How do you keep giving passes to people of “terrorist interest” and then watching the attack happened before your eyes in your home country? Sometimes you have to step up and take a risk to get ahead of these terrorists instead of playing from behind.

From Newsmax:

Authorities were warned two years ago that Ahmad Khan Rahami — the suspect in Saturday’s bombings in New York City and New Jersey — was a terrorist, The New York Times reported Tuesday.

Two senior law enforcement officials told the newspaper that in 2014, Rahami’s father told police that his son was a terrorist. The accusation prompted “a review by federal agents” that was dropped when the father later recanted.

It is not clear if officers interviewed Ahmad Rahami, and his father recanted after the FBI opened an initial investigation. An unnamed official cited by the Times said the man made the accusation because he was angry with his son.

The latest development in the terror case came as law enforcement sources told several media outlets that they found a notebook and handwritten note on Rahami in which he wrote about terrorists.

CNN and CBS News said they containing “ramblings” and sympathetic writings about terrorists and the Boston Marathon bombers.

Rahami also made mention of Anwar al-Awlaki, an American-born cleric turned senior recruiter and a spokesman for al-Qaida, CNN says it was told by a senior law enforcement official.

“Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to…,” at no time did it say give us your terrorists, now did it?

There is not one person in this administration competent enough to hold a job. With an FBI director like James Comey, why would we expect them to do anything and Homeland Security should have been all over this guy traveling back and forth to Pakistan and Afghanistan? I guess with a DHS Secretary who doesn’t believe ISIS is Islamic we don’t have a chance. Thank God this administration will be dissolved come January. I pray we make it till then.

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