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Nurses Bond Out Illinois Father Who Broke Several Traffic Laws Rushing Child To Hospital!

You are not going to believe this one.

Darius Hinkle was arrested and charged with speeding and not having a valid driver’s license while he was rushing his daughter to the hospital after she had been choking on a penny.

Thank God for the nurses of the Touchette Regional Hospital. They knew the situation was serious and came together to bond out Hinkle and get him back to his family.

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Police told Hinkle he was going over 100 miles per hour but he contends that was his daughter and he was trying to save her life.

A group of nurses bonded an Illinois father out of jail after he broke several traffic laws while rushing his daughter to the hospital, KTVI reports.

Darius Hinkle said his 1-year-old daughter was choking on a penny, so he rushed her to the hospital. By the time he arrived at Touchette Regional Hospital in Centreville, several police officers with different agencies were behind him.

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Hinkle admits he doesn’t have a valid driver’s license and he was speeding, according to KTVI. He was taken into custody at the hospital.

The little girl’s mother went to jail to bail Hinkle out, but a woman she didn’t recognize was already in the process of doing exactly that. The woman told her a group of nurses at the hospital chipped in their money to bond out the father. [Fox59]

If I were in the same situation, valid driver’s license or not, I would have been arrested too. My child’s safety comes first and getting her to the hospital would have been the main goal.

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