Nunes: No OFFICIAL Intelligence used to launch investigation into alleged Trump/Russia collusion

Barack Obama’s incompetence allowed the lawlessness within the DOJ and FBI to flourish.

Look at Hillary’s State Department where not one of her posse bothered to take the requisite training in handling classified material. The whole administration under Barry was like one big frat house.

If there was no intel behind this as House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes told Maria Bartiromo, then it likely was either Obama, Clinton or both who initiated it. THAT explains this whole “Russia collusion” distraction, this James Comey/Andrew McCabe nonsense, etc. This is all just one big head fake to give the media something to talk about so that no one will focus on these abuses. Staggering. Disgusting.

Video excerpt:

MARIA BARTIROMO: You’re telling us that in order for the FBI and DoJ to launch an investigation into so-called collusion between Trump and the Russians, there was no intelligence used? So I don’t understand, how did this investigation start?

NUNES: I think that is the point. We don’t understand, we’ve never understood. We don’t have access to these finished intelligence products, and we’ve never seen one. We thought maybe one went through a different channel that was kept really secret… well, in fact, after our investigators reviewed this, there was no Five Eyes intelligence product, as has been reported. There was no product. And I think that is a major problem…

At the highest level, what is this about? A counterintelligence operation that was at the height of the political campaign, where you opened up an investigation, using these intelligence services to spy on the other campaign, it is really serious stuff…

I can tell you we now longtime associates of Hillary Clinton, including Sidney Blumenthal and Corey Shearer, were actively giving information to the State Dept. that was making its way to the FBI… So we know this was at least from two witnesses, and so we’re trying to piece all that together.

There was no official intelligence that was used to start this investigation, we know that Sidney Blumenthal and others wee pushing information into the State Department.

It becomes more apparent every day that the Obama regime, the “Deep State” and the mainstream media, CNN in particular, dreamed up this whole Russia collusion story and deliberately tried to overthrow a legitimately elected president of the US. Eight years right out of Alinsky wasn’t enough to destroy this republic, so they had to resort to this.

Regardless of what happens with Pres. Trump, Obama permanently ruined the entire US justice system. I fear we will never again be a country with a fair and honest government. From now on, it is the increasingly bold leftist totalitarians who want to end constitutional rule and freedom, against the shrinking minority of older Americans who remember when this was a nation of laws, and they were enforced, period.

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The abuse of government by Comey and other Obama administration law enforcement, intelligence, and diplomatic employees is a prosecutable issue that is snowballing – whereas Mueller’s and Comey’s investigations are built on sand and will only produce ham sandwich prosecutions.

Jails should be filled up with these people and Americans are frustrated! SOUND OFF in the comments section.

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