Nunes Apologizes To Democrats For Going Public With Info Before Briefing Them!

I applaud House Intel Committee Chairman for taking the higher road, but I wouldn’t have apologized to the Democrats at all.

This group has been trying to torpedo President Trump’s presidency since the General Election of 2016. They won’t stop, and they continue to be part of the national opposition party that includes the liberal media.

The Democrats would have talked down and probably destroyed some of the findings Nunes has in his possession right now. Look how CNN tried to discredit Nunes already and cover for Barack Obama.

I don’t think Nunes picked up any LOVE points with this apology but if he felt he had to do it, who am I challenge him.

Source: Daily Mail

The Republican chairman of the House Intelligence Committee apologized to Democratic members of the panel for going public and to the White House before briefing them about information he said he obtained about surveillance of President Donald Trump’s team, a committee aide said on Thursday.

Committee chairman Representative Devin Nunes also promised to work with the panel’s Democrats and share information with them; the aide said, a day after committee Democrats had said Nunes’ actions raised questions about the panel’s ability to credibly investigate potential ties between Trump associates and Russia.

Nunes surprised and angered committee Democrats and some of his fellow Republicans on Wednesday with a surprise announcement that some private communications by Trump and members of his team may have been swept up by U.S. intelligence as they monitored foreign targets.

Here is the Democrats and CNN talking about the apology:

Again, I wouldn’t have done it.

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