NOW WHAT? Colorado Sheriff John Cooke balks at Democrats: You Can’t Make me enforce Gun Control

Colorado has been a contentious battleground state in the war between gun rights and gun control advocates.

Misguided politicians with no knowledge of how firearms work passed strict gun control laws, then threatened the salaries of Colorado sheriffs that balked at supporting the laws.

Most of the sheriffs have refused to enforce the new law, and even joined together in a lawsuit against the state to block the law.

Weld County Sheriff John Cooke is now speaking out publicly in opposition to the law, and letting it be known that the law will not be enforced by him or his deputies.

Via WND:

“They’ve turned law-abiding citizens into criminals,” Cooke said. “They banned magazines that hold more than 15 rounds and what they’ve said is that any magazine that can be readily converted to hold more than 15 rounds is illegal. Well, that’s 99.999 percent of all magazines. They have a base plate and a spring that you can remove to repair or clean. If you can do that, then that magazine is illegal to possess after Jan. 1, and you can’t buy any. How do we enforce that?

“There’s a grandfather clause in the law that says if you own a magazine before July 1, 2013, that’s more than 15 rounds, you’re allowed to keep it. How are my deputies going to know who bought that magazine before or after July 1? So we’re not putting any resources into it or making it a priority,” he said.

“They don’t understand how it works because the legislator that introduced this bill, she didn’t come to the sheriffs and say, ‘Explain to me what a magazine is,’ because she didn’t even know. Then after the bill gets passed she was confronted on how a magazine could be converted, and she said, ‘Oh, people will just have to live with it,’” Cooke said.

Cooke says that most gun control advocates have no idea what they are talking about when it comes to firearms and magazines, and points to Dem Rep Diana DeGette as a good example that proves his point.

“At a debate that we had here last year, she was talking about how these 30-round magazines, once people are done shooting, they’re no good anymore because you just throw them away. She has no clue about what a gun is or a magazine is, and yet she’s trying to outlaw them federally,” Cooke said.

Sheriff Cooke spoke about the pending lawsuit in federal court, and although his attorney believes they will win, he says nothing will change for him regardless of the ultimate verdict.

“Most law-enforcement agencies in this state don’t really understand how to enforce this, and the people don’t know how to comply with this. So we actually filed a lawsuit. Fifty-five out of the 62 elected sheriffs filed a lawsuit in federal district court against these laws because we’re saying it violates people’s due process. If somebody doesn’t know that they’re violating the law, how can they be held accountable? And that’s a violation of due process,” he said.

“Even the federal courts can’t make me enforce the laws. So if we lose and the judge says, ‘No, these laws are constitutional,’ I still set the priorities and the resources for my agency. There’s no law in the state of Colorado that says I have to enforce the law, so I still won’t enforce them because in my belief and my opinion, it’s not my job to turn law-abiding gun owners into criminals,” Cooke said.

It is encouraging to see and hear a respected sheriff stand up for the inherent and inalienable rights of citizens to keep and bear arms.  The sheriff is the highest level of law enforcement in the state on the county level.  Very little can happen within a county without the approval of the sheriff.  If the sheriff refuses to enforce gun control laws, those laws will remain null and void.

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Wayne Dupree

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