Now MSNBC Host Claims Trump Using “Dark Sorcery”

Chris Hayes of MSNBC just took the Democrats talking points, place them on a rocket and went into the multiverse claiming that Pres. Trump was using some sort of “dark sorcery.”

Hayes: “And what is the it I’m speaking of? Well, to quote a phrase, ‘you know it and I know it.’ It’s the well of evil from which our president draws and has drawn from the first day when he said Mexico was sending rapists to the U.S., presumably with the explicit intent to defile America’s women. The dark sorcery of racial hatred that conjures invasions and infestations out of desperate fellow human beings seeking refuge.

“Hatred echoed in the refrain of death squads and war criminals and fascist mobs throughout history as they wield the club and the pistol and the machete. ‘You’re invaders. You are animals. You are a disease. You are a threat to us and you will not replace us.”


Hayes also said that Trump rhetoric: “is why, of course, that there is a body count. That there is blood on the ground. That there is a list of names waiting now to be carved into headstones.”

Now I ask you, is this the type of language a network is supposed to be pushing out to the American people without the smidgeon of thought that it could cause another Dayton or El Paso? There are those of us who believe Dem policies create an incubator for mass shootings.

Hayes has been reading too much Harry Potter.

Watch the video above, via MSNBC.


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