Now Cher Wants Trump Locked In A Hot Cage With Dirty Water

I don’t know what is going on with Cher these days. She continues to try to go after Pres. Trump with verbal attacks, but they aren’t working as they just hit a wall.

On Friday night, Chef went after Trump on Twitter over his immigration policy. Border crossers and illegal aliens are complaining about conditions at the border as if they were supposed to be housed at a 5-star location after they are entering our country illegally, trying to soak up benefits they don’t deserve.

What Cher doesn’t understand is that legal immigrants don’t go through this detention center relocation. This is only for illegal aliens and undocumented border crossers trying to get a leg up on being placed in an American community so they can disappear.

Cher tweeted out her response to alleged and unfounded accusations:

Our President At Work.
Saw Video Of Baby In
Custody.There’s Breakout of Chickenpox,Measles,Children Live outdoors in Texas heat,
Bad food,Dirty Water,unsanitary Conditions,Physical,Emotional,
Sexual Abuse.
trumps a psychotic Ass .
Wish He Was Locked In Hot Cage,With Dirty Water

So, it’s Trump’s fault that all of these illegals are overloading our facilities, bringing diseases we thought we eradicated, and are sexually abusing children?

I think it’s Cher’s fault for encouraging these people to come in the first place. She is an extremely rich woman. Why doesn’t she start up a foundation to get kids vaccinated in these countries, provide food or English classes? There are a million ways she could help. Instead, she piles on the stupidity and lies.

ICE Has Quarantined 5,200 People For Mumps And Chicken Pox Exposure At Border

Cher will never get it, it’s not Trump’s fault, it is the Democrats, and maybe she should worry more about the homeless crisis in California. These people in Pedowood have no clue live in their little make-believe world.

I wish the opposition media would be called out on not releasing all the dated photos of children in cages under Barack Obama.

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