North Korea’s Lil Kim Says “He’s Not Frightened” After Syria Attacks

Kim Jong-un has told the entire world he’s not afraid of the United States after what he witnessed in Syria this past week.

Seems like the little tugboat that could is risking his country over pride and ignorance. Jong-un isn’t thinking with his mind, he’s talking out his rear and this could possibly set him up for a major fall he’s not expecting.

Source: Daily Caller

North Korea is not afraid of President Donald Trump’s strikes on Syria, a state-run media outlet said Sunday.

Calling the the Trump administration’s actions in Syria “absolutely unpardonable,” the North Korean foreign ministry said that while some observers suspect the strikes were a “warning,” the North is “not frightened,” reports the Korean Central News Agency.

“We will bolster up in every way our capability for self-defense to cope with the U.S. evermore reckless moves for a war and defend ourselves with our own force,” the North warned Sunday.

In recent weeks, North Korea has launched at least seven missiles, tested rocket engines for a possible intercontinental ballistic missile, and threatened war while preparing for what could be another nuclear test. The North has been particularly aggressive in recent months, responding with hostility to U.S.-South Korean joint military exercises. This year’s drills include hundreds of thousands of troops, as well as high-level strategic military assets, such as stealth fighters, supersonic bombers, and nuclear-powered submarines and aircraft carriers. The North perceives U.S. and South Korean maneuvers as preparations for an invasion.

The Pentagon announced Saturday that a U.S. Navy carrier strike group led by the USS Carl Vinson is sailing towards the Western Pacific to dramatically increase America’s military presence near the Korean Peninsula.

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