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North Korea To South Korea — Want Peace? Return Our 12 Defectors That Were Abducted

Am I hearing the possibility of a significant peace process breaking down because North Korea is starting to get cold feet?

When North Korea said they wanted peace talks and we didn’t hear anything about what they wanted in return, I thought it was strange. It sounded like they wanted to give up so much in the whole world was like what, wait a minute, what’s going on. Now Kim Jong-Un is starting to ask for conditions, and that could entirely derail the entire peace process.

Last week, North Korea seemed as if they wanted to put the peace process on hold because South Korea and America were ramping up their wargame practices. Now they want 12 defectors who they claim were abducted, to be returned to their country.

Source: Daily Caller

North Korea made another demand of South Korea Saturday, urging it to return a dozen defectors surrounded by conspiracy and controversy.

Twelve North Korean waitresses and their manager defected from China, where they worked earning money for the Kim regime, to South Korea in April 2016. North Korea has long accused South Korea of kidnapping the waitresses. Heo Gang Il, the manager, recently revealed in an interview with South Korean cable television network JTBC that he forced the women to defect while acting on the orders of the National Intelligence Service, South Korea’s spy agency, confirming North Korea’s suspicions.

Those female “citizens of the DPRK were proven to have been forcibly abducted by the puppet Intelligence Service by interviews of a criminal involved in the case and victims,” North Korea’s Korean Central News Agency reported Saturday, quoting a spokesman for North Korea’s Red Cross Society.

South Korean Unification Minister Cho Myoung-gyon dismissed Friday claims that South Korea’s spy agency was involved in the forcible abduction of the women from North Korea. He said they came to South Korea of their own free will and are now living as South Korean citizens.

If North Korea wants to play this way, it is time for Pres. Trump to stand up and stop the peace process. Cancel the summit and tighten sanctions. I was willing to give Kim Jong-Un the benefit of the doubt, but he’s up to his old tricks. He needs to be housebroken before he’s allowed in the house.

I hate to admit when I’m wrong but I am man enough to admit it. I was hoping and wishing that this would work, and it had nothing to do with the Nobel Peace Prize possibility for Pres. Trump. I wanted this win for our commander-in-chief because he’s working hard for the American people.

But if the dictator from North Korea doesn’t want to play, then I suggest we shut the game down and move on.

How do you feel about this news from North Korea? Do you think that country wants peace? Sound off in the comments section below.

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