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North Korea Says We’re Restarting Our Nuclear Plants; Can Launch At U.S. Anytime!

I’m getting tired of North Korea. Are we waiting for this missile to make landfall before we take action?

North Korea is doing everything they can to provoke a reaction, so when the US responds, they can claim to be victims, wrongfully persecuted, despite their countless threats to blow up the US.

Who agrees with me when I say North Korea is asking to be destroyed? I’m sure Japan would be ok with us putting some troops in Japan so we can launch a bombing on North Korea. Japan should be just as tired of the bomb threats.

Source: UK Independent

North Korea’s main nuclear complex is fully operational and the country remains prepared to launch a nuclear attack on the US “at any time,” Pyongyang has claimed.

The country’s state-run news agency carried a statement claiming to be from the director of its Atomic Energy Institute saying the Yongbyon facility, which contains a uranium enrichment plant and nuclear reactor, had been upgraded.

The statement said operations were moving towards “the building of a nuclear force advanced at the historic plenary meeting of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea”

All we have to do to end this problem with North Korea is just tell Hillary Clinton that Kim Jong-Un has some dirt on her, Kim will be found dead from suicide, shot in the back of the head with a gun that doesn’t work in Fort Marcy Park.

We can deal with North Korea over there, or we can go through years of fruitless diplomacy as usual until Pyongyang develops a credible strike capability that can level numerous American cities. Their program may be lacking in its early stages, but so did our program as well as the Soviets. It’s not pretty either way but it can either get ugly over there or over here.

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