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North Korea Economic Defector — Country Has Nothing To Eat, Might Not Survive Another Year

Ri Jong Ho, a former senior North Korean economic official, who defected claims the country is under strain from sanctions and won’t survive another year.

Jong Ho told a panel that he feels North Korea will not survive another year and people will die because there is nothing to eat due to trade sanctions that are working. He also said China is upset Kim Jong Un has not reformed the country’s economy but continues to beg for food.

While liberals continue to speak about nuclear war and how Trump is trying to destroy this country, this news needs to be spread to those naysayers who have been trying to create a false narrative about what’s happening between the two countries.

Source: CNBC

The former insider’s view of dictator Kim Jong Un’s oppressive regime comes just as North Korea’s deputy U.N. ambassador stepped up the tough talk. “Nuclear war may break out any moment,” Kim In Ryong said Monday.

But North Korea may just be bluffing.

“I don’t know if North Korea will survive a year [under] sanctions. Many people will die,” said Ri Jong Ho, a former senior North Korean economic official. He was speaking through a translator at the Asia Society in New York.

“There is not enough to eat there” and the sanctions have “completely blocked” trade, he said, forcing the government to send tens of thousands of laborers overseas. Ordinary North Korean households have no electricity, he added, while the capital city only gets three to four hours a day.

The defector painted his birth country as one in dire straits. China, North Korea’s largest trade partner, is “very upset” with the rogue state for not reforming its economy and instead “begging” its giant neighbor for food, Ri said. On the other hand, Ri said, North Korean leaders met with Russian President Vladimir Putin but diplomacy “was not as easy as it might have been thought.”

Kim is also offended that he has never met with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Xi also once chose to visit the southern part of the peninsula before the north.

This is still only a short-term solution. The long-term solution to North Korea is a revolution from within. The only way this happens is by putting the people of North Korea in touch with the outside world and exposing the North Korean regime for the frauds they are. There should be a long-term anti-propaganda technology campaign to take the regime down.

What gets me about this entire situation is some liberals that hate President Trump so much, they have sympathy for North Korea. I can’t believe how many people are supporting North Korea’s actions here. Nuclear nonproliferation is a decade’s old tenet successfully upheld by the international community. North Korea is not a typical country. By no means can they possess ICBMs or nuclear technology, probably not both.

If the international community cannot step up to the plate and actively pursue a diplomatic solution, it is the unfortunate duty of the US to protect the rest of the planet. People always mock the US role of being the ‘world police,’ but when international leadership is so ineffective that they openly allow NK to possess these weapons, the US has no choice. We hate being the world police, but when there is no police, the strongest leader has an unfortunate responsibility to stabilize the situation.

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