No Kidding, CNN Wondered If Barcelona Attacks Were “Copy Cat” of Charlottesville Incident!

CNN has flipped its lid! Wolf Blitzer and Jim Siutto both shared an idea that the Barcelona terrorist attack was a copy cat of the Charlottesville attack last weekend.

This is why no one can take CNN seriously. I think if Wolf suggests this terror attack is a copycat of what happened in VA? He’s a bigger idiot than we figured him to be.

Anyone with half a brain is well aware of ISIS, and their twisted followers love the use of cars, trucks, and vans as mass murder. Yes maybe the murdering fool that mowed down those innocents in VA took a lesson from ISIS and copied them? But it’s a clear safe bet that the VA tragic events didn’t inspire ISIS copy cat.

Terrorism is Terrorism. These lunatics have been using cars/trucks/etc. For some time. To make that comparison is frankly ludicrous. I am getting tired of stupidity.

Of course, that’s much more politically opportunistic than mentioning that it might be a copy cat of the eight other times trucks were used as weapons of mass destruction:

CNN is no longer worth being a news organization. They get nothing right, so eager to get out in front of everyone else they get everything wrong and today is a good example. This attack was nothing like Charlottesville. It was a bomb making group that failed, killing their own, and one remaining member tries to kill as many as possible with one of two vans rented. Where is CNN now that the facts are coming out?


Do these guys have a memory that goes back farther than the beginning of the week? The man in Charlottesville was a copy cat of the terror attacks in Germany and Nice. How stupid, biased and ridiculous is this?

Soon people are going to start blaming Trump because there might be more flat tires on the streets maybe it’s Trump’s fault people are having flat tires and car trouble what else can we play on this man that’s just trying to make America better it’s so sickening.

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