NO JOKE! Rand Paul says he would support Trump if he won GOP nomination!

This is not an endorsement.

I’m always like Sen. [score]Rand Paul[/score], Even when he joined the GOP presidential field last year. My major problem with Paul is he forgot a lot of the accomplishments he did before jumping into the race.

Paul went to black colleges; he went to the NAACP, He went and talk to college students, and he had them in the palm of his hand, and when he got into the race, he didn’t remember to bring up those subjects.

This statement today by Paul breaks from the remaining the GOP candidates Sen. [score]Ted Cruz[/score] and Gov. [score]John Kasich[/score]. Both of them could not bring themselves to stick with the pledge they publicly spoke during the 1st televised debate.

You have to give Paul some credit for this one. Great move Rand!


Former presidential candidate Rand Paul said Friday he would still support Donald Trump if the controversial real estate tycoon ends up as the Republican nominee.

Paul’s statement, in response to an Enquirer reporter’s question, puts him at odds with the remaining Republican presidential field.

Ted Cruz, John Kasich and Trump have all backed off from earlier pledges to support the Republican nominee no matter what.

Paul, during a visit to Northern Kentucky Friday morning, said he will support whoever is the Republican nominee, even if it’s Trump. He said it’s better than supporting Democrat Hillary Clinton.

“I think we never get the candidate we exactly want unless you’re the candidate,” Paul said. “Think about it from this perspective. I’m from Kentucky, and Hillary Clinton recently said she would put coal miners out of business, and she would put coal companies out of business.”

He said he won’t endorse anyone in the Republican primary. Paul, who dropped out of the GOP presidential race in February after a disappointing showing in the Iowa caucuses, is running for re-election this year to the U.S. Senate.

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