No America, Trump Did Not Remove MLK Bust From Oval Office!

Zeke Miler, a liberal writer/reporter from Time magazine tweeted how President Donald Trump removed Martin Luther King Jr’s bust. That was a lie.

Earlier today, we gave an opinion on how we thought it was great that Trump added the Winston Churchill bust back to the White House. Barack Obama had removed Churchill’s bust and added in MLK Jr’s because it didn’t want a cluttered office (his words).

The Time magazine reporter didn’t notice MLK Jr’s bust in the room and decided it was going to be a major story. Then when he was corrected, he tried to corral the damage, and he couldn’t get to it quick enough.

Miller sought to connect with WH Press Secretary Sean Spicer to let him know it was his fault and Spicer accepted his apology.

From The Hill:

Trump called out the reporter, Zeke Miller, while speaking to staff at the Central Intelligence Agency, even though Miller quickly acknowledged and corrected the mistake the previous day.

“They said that ‘Donald Trump took down the bust — the statue of Dr. Martin Luther King.’ But it was right there. There was a cameraman that was in front of it,” Trump said, standing in front of the CIA’s Memorial Wall honoring the employees who died in the line of duty.

“So Zeke, Zeke from Time magazine writes this story about ‘I took down’ — I would never do that because I have great respect for Dr. Martin Luther King.

“But this is how dishonest the media is,” Trump continued. “Now big story, the retraction was like, where? Was it a line or do they even bother putting it in?”

In fact, the detail was included in a White House pool report about Trump’s first actions in the Oval Office as president.

Miller initially reported the King bust was missing. But minutes later he sent out a correction, saying the bust had been obscured by a door and a Secret Service agent.

He then sent out more than a dozen tweets correcting the mistake and apologizing, including one directed to White House press secretary Sean Spicer, who had called it “a reminder of the media danger of tweet first check facts later.”

“This is on me, not my colleagues. I’ve been doing everything I can to fix my error. My apologies,” Miller tweeted at Spicer.

I know social media is getting their jollies saying #FakeNews all the time but let’s call it as we see it, this reporter flat out lied. He meant to start something in a racial way which is why he chose the MLK Jr angle.

What do you think this reporter’s intentions where?

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