NJ White Victims Pummeled by Black Mob, Media quiet on incident due to Race

Every year there is a fair in Pennsville, NJ at the Riverview Beach Park to raise money for local Midget Football. This is a family event where parents bring their children to have a good time supporting a well-respected local cause. Last week as the fair came to an end, a riot broke out which reportedly landed two police officers and one victim in the hospital. According to the local police Chief Allen J. Cummings, the group involved in the fight included 20 to 30 individuals and so far, six suspects have been arrested.

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Via NJ.com

The adults charged were Reaquan J. Daniels, 18, and Kevin J. Hunter, 19, both of Salem, who were each charged with disorderly conduct, and Lashan L. Clark, 22, also of Salem, who was charged with two counts of disorderly conduct and one count of possession of a controlled dangerous substance (prescription drugs).

In addition to the three young men who are considered adults, three juveniles were also arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

Via My Fox Philly:

Pennsville police say the brawl began towards the end of the night with a large group growing rowdy and scuffling with one of the suspects jumping on the officer trying to escort them out Riverview Beach Park.

“At that point it became a melee. There were several officers that were attacked,” said Pennsville Police Chief Allen J. Cummings. 

The incident was so chaotic and got out of control so fast that multiple police departments were called in to assist.

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Other police departments were called in to help break up the brawl including officers from the Delaware Memorial Bridge Police Department, the New Jersey State Police, Salem City Police Department, Carneys Point Police Department, and the Salem County Sheriff’s Office.

Even with five police departments responding the fight didn’t end right away. Witnesses said that the brawl spilled over into the local Wawa which is right next to the Riverview Beach Park. The situation reportedly became so out of control at the store that it closed temporarily while officers were trying to diffuse the fighting.

While all of the news reports point out that the attackers were from “out of town”, none of them mentioned one disturbing piece of information that I’m sure would be the central part of this story if the facts were reversed. That is, based on the eyewitness accounts and witness video footage, all of the victims were white, including the Pennsville resident and both police officers, and the attackers were all black males.

Photos via NJ.com
Photos of three of the suspects arrested via NJ.com 

Watch the video where you can clearly see a white victim being completely pummeled by a dozen black males.

FOX 10 News | myfoxphoenix.com

Contrary to some of the news reports, this is not the first time that out of towners have been involved in fights at this fair. The surrounding towns of Penns Grove and Salem have what some may describe as a long running rivalry with Pennsville that goes back decades. Depending on who you ask, the reasons vary. Granted, any fight that has occurred has never gotten this out of control, but just ask any local Pennsville resident whether or not fights between locals and neighboring town residents occur at the fair and they will tell you the answer is yes. Every year there is some type of fight, scuffle or problem with young people coming to the fair from surrounding towns.

This story is over a week old now but we held off reporting on it to see what, if any, additional facts would be brought to light by the local media. Much to our dismay, reporting on this incident has been at best, vague and at worst, dishonest. Why? Because a lot has been left out of the story and there are still many unanswered questions that so far, no one in the local media has tried to seek answers to.

The biggest missing piece of information on this story is the motive. Why did the fight start in the first place? Who started it? Nothing has been reported on this and by all news accounts, none of the media have made any assumptions as to why the fights broke out. After reading half a dozen reports on the incident there were no questions posed to witnesses asking why the fight began, just reactions to it.

This story is just another example of the double standard that exists in the media, even local media, when it comes to reporting on crime. As I previously mentioned, I speculate that if the races of those involved were reversed, this would be the number one story on every news outlet in America and the initial assumption by the media and the likes of race hustlers like Al Sharpton would be that race was a factor.

I make no assumptions as to whether or not this fight was race related because I do not have all of the facts. This type of behavior is unacceptable and the fact that juveniles were involved in such a large fight, out of town, late at night, raises lots of questions but mostly, where were the parents? Regardless of the motive, people should demand answers.

 Note: Alyssa grew up in a neighboring town and attended Salem County Christian Academy (formerly Park Bible Academy) and Pennsville Memorial High School, both located in Pennsville Township. 

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