NJ Republican—Stop Calling My Office On Healthcare, My Answer Is “NO”

Rep. Frank LoBiondo doesn’t care who’s President and who the leader of the House is, he won’t have his arm twisted into voting for Ryan’s health care bill!

This House Rep from New Jersey is cold as ice. He isn’t feeling the America Health Care Act proposed by Speaker Paul Ryan, nor will he be swayed by President Trump’s ultimatum.

Members of the Freedom Caucus are being picked off one by one as their numbers start to decline in opposition to not voting Yea for the health care act. LoBiondo is staking his claim to really “repealing and replacing” Obamacare and this isn’t it for him.

Source: Roll Call

Rep. Frank LoBiondo is asking people to stop calling his office hourly to convince him to vote for the Republican plan to replace the 2010 health care law.

Lawmakers have reported huge increases of calls to their offices — many from outside their districts — both in D.C. and in their districts over the health carebill. And number of Republican members have seen protests in front of their district offices.

The LoBiondo, a New Jersey Republican, tweeted Friday morning that his mind is made up that he’ll vote against the health care bill and that phone lines need to be open for his constituents to call in for other services the congressman provides.

He’s standing his ground. How many more will buck the President and Speaker Ryan? The vote is due this afternoon!

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