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Wife Charged With Beating Husband — With Broomstick And Cookbook!

Susan Welkovits is keeping mum on why she beat her husband with a broomstick and cookbook but sooner or later she’s going to have to talk.

Susan’s husband refused treatment after getting beat up but law officers did make notes that children were in the household when the beatdown happen. It also seemed that the husband texted co-workers that his wife had abused him or was abusing him.

The story is sort of faint because nobody is talking right now but we will continue to watch for more information and will update you when possible.

Susan Welkovits, 57, a member of the Highland Park borough council since January 2012, was charged Friday with possession of a weapon for unlawful purposes. She also was charged with simple assault on suspicion of biting her husband on his forearm, the website reported.

Welkovits appeared before a judge and was released, reported. It is unclear when she will be back in court.

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Welkovits’ husband refused treatment for his injuries, police said. Welkovits refused comment, reported. Police said children were present during the incident, the website reported. According to her biography on the Highland Park website, Welkovits is the mother of twins.

While investigating the incident, police said they found text messages allegedly written by Welkovits’ husband to co-workers, claiming his wife had abused him, reported.

Source: Fox 13 Memphis

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