NFL’s Goodell Says Stadium Attendance Down Because Of Weather

NFL Roger Goodell is trying to clean up a messy situation when it comes to fan attendance due to the National Anthem protests by the players.

Goodell says attendance is down one percent. Now, I’ve seen the stadiums and a lot of the sports bars are a little empty because football fans are not watching as much football as they have in the past.

The current commissioner went too far by allowing the inmates to run the asylum and dictate what rules they would follow and what rules they would break together. The NFL has a rule instructing teams how they would respond during the National Anthem and Goodell through that rule out the window to be a favorite among the players, but the fans said “Hell No,” by staying away and protesting on their own.

“Our attendance is off 1 percent. Remember, we have two teams that are going through major transitions in Los Angeles, playing in two different stadiums; we have a team that’s moving to Las Vegas. We’re very pleased where our attendance are. We always want to see those numbers go up, but we’re about 98 percent of capacity.”

“Well you always get that when you get that late in the season, particularly if the team isn’t in the running, and you get that. The other thing we see an awful lot of that our stadiums are so good now that fans are staying back inside and enjoying the premium aspect of it, and you see a lot of empty seats there. And that’s another challenge for us. But overall we have to work harder to get people into our stadiums.”

Goodell just received a pay raise of $40 million, so he’s good, but the league is suffering. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones tried to stop the extension of the commissioner contract because he felt the league was going in the wrong direction and why reward the commissioner for failure??

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This video only shows just how disconnected Goodell is from reality and hopefully, soon he will find out what it means to wake up and see your league is burning. I hope people give up on the Superbowl.

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