News Anchor Blooper of the Year – “Let’s get the f–k out of here”; Bio scrubbed from website

KSN Wichita news anchor Justin Kraemer said what all of his colleagues were thinking during Saturday night’s broadcast when he signed off with, “Let’s get the f–k out of here.”  The F-bomb drop — a frequent staple of local news bloopers — happened at the very end of the NBC affiliate’s broadcast when the risqué language was caught by Kraemer’s hot microphone.

While not quite as direct or insulting, the incident brings to mind the one that nearly destroyed Ron Burgundy’s career in “Anchorman” when he signed off with “F–k you, San Diego.”

KSN has yet to issue a statement or apology on their social media networks, so maybe the station hopes nobody heard him. According to Kraemer’s biography (which has been removed from the KSN website) stated he’s worked for KSN since 2008 but before that, he worked alongside Brian Williams on MSNBC as well as on CNN.
Wayne Dupree

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