News Anchor Puts Viewer In Place For Calling Her The N-Word; Then Drops Mic!

CBS Atlanta anchor Sharon Reed received a racist email from a viewer who called her the n-word and responded by dropping the mic.

Reed said the viewer had a problem with a discussion on race and didn’t like her view. The anchor read the email during the broadcast and then responded with total professionalism and an attitude that was justified.

“quite the contrary, we think that race is an authentic discussion to have.”

A classy response to a completely ridiculous and racist email! Sharon is an intelligent, well-spoken, and inspiring woman and surely everyone who views the video below will agree with that.

Evidently, Kathy Rae doesn’t understand, “Don’t come for, IF you’re not sent for!” Maybe now time she’ll understand, why the short bus is parked outside her trailer!

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I keep hoping the good people will win out in the end. I didn’t watch the newscast in question, but I hate that everything is becoming a race issue these days. Hopefully, one day we can move beyond that, but apparently, we’re not there yet.

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Wayne Dupree

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