New York To Offer Free In-State Tuition But There’s A Huge Catch!

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has decided to allow students to go to college for free but it comes with huge strings.

Students who want to attend Colleges and Universities and their families make $125,000 or less will be eligible to attend for free and here’s the kicker—You have to stay in the state for as many years as you go to school.

First off, someone is paying that tuition and it looks like the taxpayers are going to be on the hook. They should be able to sue Cuomo for doing this without consent.

Source: WTOP News

Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Monday that the requirement was added to protect the state’s investment in a student’s education by ensuring they don’t take advantage of free tuition and then leave New York. The rule wasn’t a part of Cuomo’s free college tuition proposal when he unveiled it in January but was inserted during final negotiations with lawmakers over the state budget, which was approved Sunday.

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The tuition initiative, which Cuomo said is a national model, covers state college or university tuition for in-state students from families earning $125,000 or less. Students must remain in New York for as many years as they received the benefit. They must repay the money as a loan if they take a job in another state.

“Why should New Yorkers pay for your college education and then you pick up and you move to California?” Cuomo said during a call with state editorial writers. “The concept of investing in you and your education is that you’re going to stay here and be an asset to the state. If you don’t want to stay here, then go to California now, let them pay for your college education.”

Students at University at Albany, part of the state university system, aren’t so sure.

Students are going to get tired of this quick. What happens when you finish school, most of you want to study abroad and travel. Some kids will sue the state to get out from under this new program and if they win, the end will be near.

The program will fail and so many students will be given the debt of what they owe or be charged for staying in for the foreseeable future.

Democrats don’t think things through do they? What do you think about this and how would you react if you were given this opportunity?

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