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New Monmouth Poll Says American Majority Believe Traditional, Online Media Both Reporting Fake News!

The American people are learning to call balls and strikes down the middle of the political plate, and I am happy.

Almost 63% of those polled say they don’t believe the American media due to their penchant for reporting fake news.

I am astonished that the number isn’t significantly higher than that. First of all, it is higher, and second, the fact that it’s even at the level they are willing to admit is devastating to their credibility.

The Democrats are destroying themselves, and, hopefully, with new evidence of their criminality emerging, they will soon get some help from those elements of the GOP who still possess balls.

Source: CNSNews

While most Americans say that both traditional and online media are reporting “fake news,” they’re more than twice as likely to attribute the falsehoods to deliberate deception rather than to incompetence, a new poll by Monmouth University reveals.

Nearly two-thirds (63%) of Americans say they’re either “regularly” (27%) or “occasionally” being fed fake news by traditional major TV and newspaper outlets.

Asked to cite the reason that these media report fake news, 39% say they do it “On purpose to push an agenda,” while only 17% say it is “By accident or because of poor fact checking.” Another 32% denied that traditional TV and newspaper media report fake news.

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