New CNN Trick; Hides Race Suit To Promote Disgruntled Carrier Worker Angry At Trump [VIDEO]

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CNN black employees are suing them for racial discrimination and they are bringing on disgruntled Carrier workers to smear President-elect Donald Trump. Shouldn’t this guy be happy he kept jobs so this local spokesman can make money from others dues?

Just the other day, he was praising Trump on Fox News and Now he’s attacking him on CNN.

Carrier Employee Who Praised Trump on Fox News… by dgraphics2009

Here he is on Fox News praising Trump just a few days ago.

Carrier Employee TJ Bray Praises Donald Trump… by dgraphics2009

What do I think of this scumbucket, just that. This man is can’t be trusted and shouldn’t be given any credibility. What are your thoughts about this.

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