New Caravan Loads Up From Honduras For USA Asylum!

I’ve got a question that’s been on my mind for a long time now since when is ‘economic opportunity’ a valid reason for amnesty?

Looking at all of these caravans trekking through Mexico, it appears that country is also hostile to the US since it is providing logistical support for the massing of that intent on violating US immigration laws. Why keep an open border with a hostile country?

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I’m not saying that there aren’t children in these pictures and yes, there are some women, but the vast majority are able-bodied men. Interestingly, these people who supposedly claim that the economic climate in Honduras is so bad don’t seem to be suffering from any malnutrition.

Notice the Adidas shirts, Converse and Adidas shoes and other apparel that don’t come cheaply.  It just makes one wonder how poor these people are. If they are suffering from malnutrition, how can they make the trek north?

Hundreds of Honduran migrants, many carrying young children, set out in a caravan for that country’s border with Guatemala on Wednesday, hoping to reach the United States.

Some of those who gathered at the San Pedro Sula bus station said they can’t support their families with what they can earn in Honduras and are seeking better opportunities.

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Most boarded buses before dawn that would carry them to towns on the Guatemalan border. Others walked through the rain, some pushing strollers or carrying sleeping children in their arms.

Guatemalan immigration authorities said their Honduran counterparts reported that about 1,100 migrants were headed for their common border, mostly aboard buses to two crossing points. They said some were already crossing into Guatemala. [Associated Press]

Obviously, most of these people will never qualify for asylum, and most of them don’t care because all they want is to be released into the interior of the U.S. and then they’ll disappear!

For the two years or however long the wait is for their asylum case to go to court, they’re protected from deportation. They have that long to find out how to blend in and avoid ICE or settle into one of the many sanctuary cities where liberal politicians protect them from people who enforce immigration laws!

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President Trump needs to close the border, period. Yes, it will disrupt things for us, especially along the border, but Mexico would take a hard hit, much much worse than the USA.

Mexico would have no choice but to agree not to let the caravans enter Mexico through its southern border. This is because in less than one week, the Mexican economy would be on life support. As such, everything would go back to normal within a week. I am a life long border resident and know what I am talking about. Don’t let the politicians tell you otherwise.

We need to give President Trump some help and vote out anyone who is against immigration reform and border security, that should be America First Priority!




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