New 48-Hour Challenge Has Parents Worried And Law Enforcement Officers Angry!

Disappearing from your parents is one thing as it causes panic and anxiety but doing it on purpose for 48 hours because of a game where you get points is another.

There is a new social media game terrifying parents and worse, wasting law enforcement officer’s valuable time. It is called the 48-hour challenge, and the rules are simple and clear.

Each participant is supposed to disappear for 48 hours to see how much reaction you can get on social media. All players who disappear get points for every like, share, and other post views about their disappearance.

A warning is being issued to parents about a new challenge for teens that is circulating Facebook, the 48-hour challenge.

It encourages teens to go missing for up to two days at a time and awards points for every social media mention while they’re missing.

Police say it is not only dangerous but could also tie them up while there are real emergencies.

Child psychiatrists say it’s never a good idea to assume your child knows better than to involve themselves in such an internet challenge.

Police say anyone caught participating in the 48-hour challenge could face charges.

Excerpt via WSFB

If parents had been active in their children’s lives up until this point then they wouldn’t have to worry about them participating in this challenge.

If this is true then any kid participating in it and there is involvement by law enforcement then that kid should be charged with a hoax and be responsible for paying back money to law enforcement for the time they spent investigating the kid’s disappearance.

It seems that games are getting worse because these children have nothing to do. They have no goals or smarts. All they want is to make it big on a social media platform and make as much money as possible.

Remember the tide-pod challenge which teens were eating laundry detergent capsules? This is the future of America, wake up. I sure hope there are a lot more sensible teenagers than what we are seeing reported on the “news”

If my kids were to participate in a game like this and came back, they will be participating in the new can’t sit down for 48-hour challenge. Remember the old days? We used to skateboard, ride the bike around the block, and then shoot hoops on a friend’s driveway.

Some of these kids behave like brainwashed sheep who follow every so-called ‘Internet sensation” and like the good sheep they are they do as they are told. Its almost like they do not have the ability to think for themselves. I don’t if its peer pressure or the way they were raised but its pretty pathetic.

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