Networks To Help NFL By Not Airing National Anthem Protest On TV

Television networks are trying to put a band-aid on the fan bleeding in the stadiums across America due to the National Anthem protests.

Choosing not to cover the National Anthem makes it 1,000 times worse. Now the networks are editing out evil actions by others and telling the fans it’s ok.

Out of sight, out of mind is the template these networks look to implement to curb some of these backlashes against the NFL allowing it’s players to disrespect the National Anthem.

Stadium attendance is down along with subscription packages as many patriotic fans will not be a party to what these players are perpetrating on the football field.

Source: Sporting News

Three weeks ago, the NFL’s partner TV networks refused to show angry fans booing protesting players. Now, these worried networks are refusing to show any protests during the national anthem at all.

The TV partners flushed players’ historic social justice protests down the memory hole in Week 6.

Protests? What protests?

There were virtually no live shots of NFL players sitting, kneeling or standing Sunday during the playing of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” much less footage of fans booing players.

Instead, CBS, Fox and NBC chose to stay in commercial breaks during the pregame presentation of the flag and anthem. Once they returned from commercial, network play-by-play announcers and analysts paid little or no attention to what players did on the field.

NFL players said they were not protesting the American flag but wasn’t that was Colin Kaepernick chose to do:

As long as the networks don’t show the players kneeling during the national anthem or play the national anthem, I will assume they are kneeling, the big dummies. I will laugh at all the empty seats in the stadium and never vote for a bond to build/improve the stadium.

Your move, NFL.

The networks can refuse to show the pledge, and the players will just do it some other time. They will not miss the opportunity to be on TV being obnoxious already, so being anti-patriotic will just happen in the end zone or some other time. Wait for it.

I just really, really, really hope that the ratings and attendance continue to slowly, slowly leak no matter what they do. I hope it’s a version of death by 1,000 cuts. They deserve it.

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