Netflix Pulls Reviews So That Viewers Can’t Leave Response

Erasing the truth has become standard procedure in Liberal culture.

Liberals would rather pretend your opinions never existed than be embarrassed by negative ones.

Back in March 2018, Amy Schumer complained about her reviews given to her Netflix comedy special that didn’t do so well. Comedian Michelle Wolf just lost her gig last week. Chelsea Handler left Netflix over a month ago and this review system could have been part of that push.

Source: Tech Crunch

Netflix user reviews are no more. Sure, chances are pretty decent you didn’t realize Netflix still had reviews at this point, but the video streaming giant has delivered on its promise to do away with the one-time mainstay of the service.

Last month, it informed recent users that reviews would be sunset soon. Netflix dropped the feature this week with little fanfare, simply updating the “How do I post reviews on Netflix” section of its help page to read, “You can no longer post reviews on Netflix.” Fair enough, I guess.
The service has slowly evolved its recommendation engine over the year, putting plenty of effort into one of its primary drivers of user engagement. Review were slowly moved into the background to make way for new features, including the current thumbs up/thumbs down offering.

As Variety notes, while some continued to use reviews up until the end, the loss of reviews hasn’t exactly been met with a widespread backlash from users. Not a thumbs up, nor a thumbs down, so much as a collective indifference to the end of once key feature.

Netflix thinks that people are going to watch all the crap stuff they have when no one can read the reviews and find out how bad it is. What I think is that people will either find reviews somewhere else or else they will refuse to take a chance on anything that does not sound like it will be good.

Sometimes you could find some good things that you normally would not even check out if it were not for seeing a high rating with the star rating they used to have. Since they took the star rating away if it sounds like junk then why check it out. If you don’t like it then you can’t even delete it from your watchlist without a major amount of messing around.

Since Netflix now has close ties to Barack Obama it is time to dump them anyways.

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