Netanyahu: Palestinian Sources Say Investigations Will Topple Me — Won’t Happen!

The Left has a long history of using sympathetic prosecutors to go after their enemies on false charges.  They are just more brazen now.

Netanyahu is being attacked by members of his own party in an attempt to remove him as Prime Minister of Israel.

The leftist, both in America and Israel hate conservative ideas and will do anything to topple the leaders of these, currently, great nations.  Liberals have been trying to take down America and Israel but it won’t happen.

Don’t you find it strange how two of the most Western nations left in the world that are ruled by non-socialist thinking lefties are being attacked from within?  Maybe some of the money Barack Obama gave to the Palestinians is being used for something other than human rights, much like in Iran.

We will continue to see how Obama negativity impacted America as time rolls on and how much President Trump has to fix before people start noticing his impact.

Netanyahu needs our prayers as he’s also going through investigations to tear him down and destroy what he’s doing for his country.

Source: JPost

Netanyahu mocked reports about his former chief of staff, Ari Harow, who has turned state’s witness against him, and Case 2000, in which he is accused of conspiring to harm one newspaper and help another.

It’s not like I am going tomorrow and they are going to replace me,” he said. “I don’t know what they want from me. I have nothing to fear. I don’t think I have a problem.”

Netanyahu slammed Transportation Minister Israel Katz for “undermining” him, and accused him of being behind an anonymous quote in Yediot Aharonot, attributed to a senior Likud figure, saying he would not permit Netanyahu to remain in power if he is indicted.

“The senior minister in the Likud can continue trying to replace me,” Netanyahu said.

Katz’s office denied that he tried to undermine Netanyahu.

Netanyahu posted on his Facebook page an article quoting senior Palestinian sources saying they hoped the investigations would topple him, and wrote: “It won’t happen.”

“Now, the media is attempting – which I find contemptuous – to draw a comparison between Olmert and Netanyahu,” she said. “I call on all of you to be patient. Don’t accept the poisoned arrows that are being served up each evening as though they were the real truth and, most importantly, remember: Netanyahu is not Ehud Olmert.

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